4 Reasons to wear Cashmere this Winter

With the temperature dipping to new lows, you must be wondering how to keep yourself warm and look stylish at the same time. Well, it’s not tough as it sounds. There is one material that should be the wardrobe Rockstar this season: CASHMERE. Yes, there you have it. Still not convinced? Read on.

Perfect Warmth

Apart from being softer than other wool, Cashmere is up to eight times warmer than the normal sheep wool. This is because it is obtained from goats that live in extremely cold temperatures. Therefore, it’s certainly shield you from even the coldest of winter days. Unlike other woollen clothes, it is much easier to layer.


A Cashmere sweater is comparatively lighter in weight. Subsequently, it is also easier to layer without having to look bulk. Moreover, they can be easily packed without adding much weight to the luggage.


A high quality pure Cashmere pullover or wrap will last you longer than any other woollen outfit. Cashmere rarely loses it colour or its shape. Not only that, Cashmere does not shrink or wrinkle in water. It comes brand new out of every wash; and is softer than before.

Soft on Skin

Any pure Cashmere pullover or wrap will be very soft on the skin and will not irritate the skin. On comparison with any other wool, you will always find Cashmere warmer and more comfortable to wear.  

If you’re looking for a soft cashmere sweater or scarf for this winter, you can shop the full Wasiye Cashmere range here.


Author: wasiye

Hey, Beloved! Wasiye was founded in 2014 when Faizan reached UK and realized there was absolutely no brand that sold authentic Cashmere Garments. This motivated him to establish Wasiye, a London-based line of clothing that offers a diverse range of luxury Cashmere Garments and Fur Wraps. Wasiye is Kashmiri for Hey, Beloved! Our goal at Wasiye is to make you feel loved by helping you find the best quality Cashmere products. Cashmere is comfortable to wear unlike other woolen materials; it is soft on the skin and provides just the right amount of warmth. All our wraps, manufactured and procured from India and Nepal, are customised to suit the English taste in fashion. We strongly believe that everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway. Therefore, we bring you runway-ready eye-catching luxury Cashmere garments.

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