Winter Layering Essentials

The Holy Grail Styling Tip for every fashionista in winters is LAYERING. It is the key to looking très belle all the time. Layering allows you to style one piece in multiple ways and helps you build a capsule wardrobe. Moreover, layering traps the body heat and keeps you warmer on those especially cold days.


  1. Basic Cropped Cashmere Sweater
    Since a Cashmere sweater is comparatively lighter in weight. Subsequently, it is also easier to layer without having to look bulk.


  2. Pure Cashmere Wrap with Fur Trim
    Cashmere Wraps are warm, soft on the skin and look elegant. These wraps adorned with fur trim will allow you to keep yourself warm in that graceful evening gown and add a dash of vintage jazz to your look.


  3. Basic Cashmere Scarf
    A solid-coloured Cashmere scarf is a perfect wardrobe essential. You can use it to colour block your outfit or tone down the funk in your outfit.


  4. Poncho
    A Poncho always comes in handy to get away with the morning laziness. You can throw it over just about anything and put together a laid-back boho chic vibe. You can accessorise it with a belt for that extra oomph.


You can find and choose from a diverse range of winter wardrobe essentials here.


Author: wasiye

Hey, Beloved! Wasiye was founded in 2014 when Faizan reached UK and realized there was absolutely no brand that sold authentic Cashmere Garments. This motivated him to establish Wasiye, a London-based line of clothing that offers a diverse range of luxury Cashmere Garments and Fur Wraps. Wasiye is Kashmiri for Hey, Beloved! Our goal at Wasiye is to make you feel loved by helping you find the best quality Cashmere products. Cashmere is comfortable to wear unlike other woolen materials; it is soft on the skin and provides just the right amount of warmth. All our wraps, manufactured and procured from India and Nepal, are customised to suit the English taste in fashion. We strongly believe that everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway. Therefore, we bring you runway-ready eye-catching luxury Cashmere garments.

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